I may be late, but when I discovered prezi for the first time this year I as amazed. The user-friendly online presentation software has so many practical applications and is stylish to boot! Here are a few ways you cna use it to break the routine.


1. Discovery Assignment

Want to learn new things without spending the extra time to actually learn new things? Make it a class project. Of course you may need to know enough to get to the website, but past that, let the kids show you! What a great opportunity to allow them to start thinking on their own. have them present on something you are working on in the classroom and if you can get lab time, watch them flourish as they catch on fast and create amazing things.

2. Pump up the Lecture!

Whether you teach kindergarten, high school biology or middle school music, there is an application for prezi. This software will really make your content shine and it will certainly wake the students up. With prezi you can insert pictures from the web, youtube videos and sound clips….what are you waiting for?

Smart Board

Prezi could also be used to create an interactive presentation for the class. Let the students come up and take a shot at it!

Here is a prezi I created for a hypothetical recruiting assignment. Go check prezi out now! http://prezi.com/